Alternative History


Alternative History is a podcast hosted by Brian and Rodrigo. They take one topic per episode and decide if it merits a different result or perception, an Alternative History.

Episode 26: Public Restrooms

Whether you do it in an open field, a body of water, in a pot, in the morning or at night, at work or play, in a diaper while sitting in your brother’s bed, or in a litter box and blame it on the cat, everybody poops. From the Ancient Romans to our current public restrooms, we discuss the history of the public restroom, along with the shame some of us feel while doing our duty in public. Should there be any shame doing something we all do, and should there be exclusivity in regard to which bathroom you can use? Join us as Brian retells a horrific Goodwill bathroom experience and Rodrigo talks about El Salvadorian bathroom cockroaches. Listen and get the straight poop on public restrooms!