Alternative History


Alternative History is a podcast hosted by Brian and Rodrigo. They take one topic per episode and decide if it merits a different result or perception, an Alternative History.

Episode 17: The 1973-74 Milwaukee Bucks

While the current Milwaukee Bucks are attempting to Own the Future, the Milwaukee Bucks of the early 1970's owned the past. Led by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (yes, he played for the Milwaukee Bucks!) and Oscar "Big O" Robertson the Milwaukee Bucks of the early 70's were a dominate team that culminated with the 1970-71 NBA Championship. The 1973-74 Milwaukee Bucks saw the same core from the 1970-71 championship team return to face the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. In what would be a classic 7 game series, the Boston Celtics outlasted the Milwaukee Bucks for the NBA Championship, which would ultimately lead to the unraveling of the Bucks core and rebuilding, but did it have to? What if the Milwaukee Bucks won that Championship? Would Oscar Robertson still have retired? Would Kareem still have asked to be traded? Would the Milwaukee Bucks of the 70's be talked about in the same breath as the Celtics of the 60's or the Lakers of the 80's? And most importantly, would you be listening to this podcast? Find out all this and more as Rodrigo makes a deep inner discover about his feeling about Atlanta, and Brian does his best Charles, Bronson imitation. So, come check out Episode 17, pally!

Episode 16: On the Road

A weeks-long, boozed soaked, Benzedrine crazed, smoked-filled literary journey across the United States, (no, we're not describing a typical Tuesday for Brian), Jack Kerouac's seminal Beat Generation novel, On the Road, was published on September 5, 1957 and changed the way people wrote and lived...and may have helped usher in the Hippie Movement of the 60's. Jack Kerouac wrote in a new, exciting way he called spontaneous prose (some say our podcast uses a similar haphazard style, but with lesser results), and detailed his travels across late 1940's American landscape with his friend and muse, Neal Cassady (known as Dean Moriarty in the novel). The novel has been hailed as the harbinger of the Beat Generation, and dismissed by many as naïve, and in the words of Truman Capote, typing not writing. Listen as Brian and Rodrigo debate the merits of this novel, and try not to gratuitously swear (we're cleaning it up, folks!). Was On the Road the Hippie handbook? Was it writing or typing? Listen and decide!

On the Road
By Jack Kerouac

Episode 15: The Simpsons

So it's come to this: a Simpsons podcast episode. The Simpsons debuted as a full series on Fox on December 17, 1989, and 29 seasons, 629 episodes, and 1 movie have lead up to this: a couple of podcasting chuckle heads discussing the Simpsons flashback episodes. With the episode The Way We Was The Simpsons established a time line for the family history, starting with Marge and Homer meeting and falling in love in 1974, but much like Brian's kids have done to his dignity, they shat all over that established chronology with the episode That 90's Show.  Whether you feel this change was as painful as losing your dental plan, or just plain excellent, this perfectly cromulent episode will embiggen the smallest listener! Come join us for the final.episode.ever...of the first season!

Episode 14: Inglourious Basterds

We here at the Alturnative Hisstory Podcast hate us some Nazis (especially Illinois Nazis). Not enough to make a movie about various ways to murder Nazis, but enough to talk about a movie about various ways to kill Nazis. Inglourious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino's seventh movie released on August 21, 2009 and gives an alternative history on how World War 2 ended (here's a hint: it involves Hitler's head and lots and lots of bullets, blood, and fire). Brian delves deeper into the murky waters of his unrequited platonic love for Brad Pitt, and Rodrigo lists which religious artifacts he would use to murder Nazis. Come join us for all this and more in Episode 14, this just might be our masterpiece!

Episode 13: Star Trek's The City on the Edge of Forever

Podcast's Log, Pod-date Episode 13, the hosts of Alternative History Podcast are endeavoring on a journey back to 1967, to a time when Beatles ruled the landscape, a King was leading the charge for equality, and a Vulcan graced the small screen. Star Trek's seminal episode, The City on the Edge of Forever, was first broadcast on April 6, 1967 on NBC, long before Star Wars, borderline incestuous sibling relationships, or "Last" Jedi. In this episode Captain Kirk is faced with an unfathomable dilemma, save the woman you love (that he just met like 30 minutes ago) and allow the Nazi's to take over the world, or let her die and leave history intact. We know what Spock would do, but what would you? Brian explains why you shouldn't leave it up to the democratic process when naming a child, and Rodrigo flexes his Star Trek nerd muscles. All this and more in lucky number 13!

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever
By Harlan Ellison, Scott Tipton, David Tipton

Episode 12: Die Hard

If you think of killing a high rise tower full of terrorists-thieves when you think of Christmas we have the episode for you! Die Hard was released on July 20, 1988 in the middle of peak summer action movie season and has been copied and mimicked by action movies since, except for the one major exception: Christmas!! Since Die Hard was released it has become must viewing for many during the Christmas holiday season, but is it a Christmas movie? In this episode Rodrigo is awestruck by John McClane's accuracy when it comes to throwing a body out of a window, and Brian posits that Bruce Willis' water cop from Striking Distance is the great, great, great, great grandfather of Kevin Costner's Mariner from Waterworld (Check out episode 5!). Listen to episode 12 and decide Yippie Ki-Yay, or Yippie Ki-Nay on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

Die Hard
Starring Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald Veljohnson, Paul Gleason, De'voreaux White

Episode 11: 1998 Minnesota Vikings

There is a thin line between love and hate, and Rodrigo and Brian are habitual line steppers. That is why a couple of life long Green Bay Packer Fans are discussing the 1998 Minnesota Vikings. The 1998 Minnesota Vikings were an offensive juggernaut the likes the NFL had never seen, scoring almost at will with an unrelenting passing attack led by rookie wide receiver Randy Moss. Unfortunately, after two years of perfection by kicker Gary Anderson, the only part of the game that actually requires a foot to ball was their undoing...or was it? Brian outs himself as a lover of Brandy with a touch of Monica, and Rodrigo learns why you never touch another man's radio while "The Boy is Mine" is playing. Come join us for Episode 11 as Brian and Rodrigo go Deep Purple all the way to the Superbowl!

NFL History of the Minnesota Vikings
Starring Minnesota Vikings

Episode 10: Thanksgiving Turkey

Every year tens of millions of turkeys make the ultimate sacrifice so you can get 7% off 600 thread count, gunmetal gray bed sheets you've been eying for a while because they are the only ones that match those duvet covers you bought last Thanksgiving, and so you can eat turkey on the fourth Thursday of November. Well, it didn't used to be that way, it didn't used to be that way at all. Starting in the 1830's, the remarkable Sarah Josepha Hale, dubbed "The Godmother of Thanksgiving" helped to normalize the turkey as the centerpiece on Thanksgiving, followed by stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie  and we've been in a state of turkey gustation ever since. But, do you need to eat turkey on Thanksgiving for it to be Thanksgiving? Rodrigo explains why you don't want to be chased by a wild turkey (spoiler alert! They are fast, and don't give a f#%k!) and Brian laments that we don't eat delicious, cucumber sauce drenched gyros for Thanksgiving. Get your carving knives sharpened and join us for this turkey of an episode!

Episode 9: The Dark Knight

The first Batman movie not to use the Batman moniker, The Dark Knight was released on July 18, 2008 to rave reviews, rabid fandom, and world wide riches. To most it was the definitive Batman movie, to Rodrigo and Brian, it was sublime. Which is why they were so upset it was not nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in the 2009 Academy Awards. Rodrigo explains how he is the only human alive that was frightened by the Batman 1966 movie, and Brian describes how The Joker's fighting style is much like the fighting style of his uncoordinated six year old. Make sure your utility belt is stocked with Batman Brand Shark Repellent, and join us for Episode 9!

The Dark Knight
Starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan

Episode 8: Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy

If you had an appetite for destruction in the late 80's, were fond of lies, used your illusion, and got into any spaghetti incidents? in the early 90's, you were most likely a fan of Guns N' Roses. And if you were eagerly awaiting the Chinese democracy, well, you probably grew up and moved on. But not Rodrigo and Brian, they kept the flame lit (mostly Rodrigo). Guns N' Roses were the quintessential rock n' roll band, played loud music, did tons of drugs, dated strippers, refused to use proper conjunctions...the list goes on. They Rose quickly, took a Nightrain to super stardom, but somewhere along the line they broke an Axl. Due to heavy drug use, changing musical tastes and well, Axl, the band went through a revolving door of members causing a great delay in the much anticipated Chinese Democracy album. Chinese Democracy was finally released in 2008 but was it worth the wait? Rodrigo sits Guns N' Roses atop his top 7 (yes 7) all-time favorite musical acts, and Brian explains how he runs like the West Coast Offense. Hope everyone enjoys Episode 8, because you never know, it might be 15 years until they drop another episode!

Chinese Democracy
Black Frog/Geffen

Episode 7: My So-Called Life

Jordan Catalano and Angela sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G...oh, wait, that's just Brian Krakow in the tree, reading a book with a flashlight as any normal, non-creepy teenager would do. My So-Called Life was an hour long drama on ABC that ran from 1994 to 1995, and was canceled after only one season, but should it have been? The show picked up a cult following after it was canceled. Two members of that cult are Rodrigo and Brian. Rodrigo and Brian explain how they tried to be Jordan Catalano in high school (spoiler alert! they both failed), and Brian, for some reason, details his father's DIY approach to dental work. Come check out Rodrigo and Brian's so-called podcast to see if My So-Called Life gets a new lease on so-called life.

My So-Called Life: Complete Series
By My So-Called Life

Episode 6: Clowns

Halloween is just around the corner, and so is the creepy clown that has been stalking your neighborhood and peeping in your windows! Clowns have been around since the pharaohs needed a good laugh, but are they inherently scary? Rodrigo thinks so and has the mental scars to prove it, while Brian terrorizes him with his extensive Clown knowledge. Come check out Episode 6, if your coulrophobia will let you.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Starring Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson, Royal Dano, John Vernon

Episode 5: Waterworld

In a world covered completely in water, the last best hope of earth is...Kevin Costner with gills! Waterworld was released on July 28, 1995 after a much publicized production filled with sinking sets, lack of bathrooms, a ballooning budget, and rumors of digital hairlines. The movie is remembered as a flop, but was it really? Brian and Rodrigo discuss if history got it wrong and if Waterworld got a bad rap. Rodrigo expresses his fondness for all or nothing sci-fi, and Brian wonders aloud how you could be dirty while surrounded by water. Get your gills ready and dive in to Episode 5...assuming you have gills, if not just hit play. 

Starring Kevin Costner, Chaim Girafi, Rick Aviles, R.D. Call, Zitto Kazann

Episode 4: 1982 Men's Brazil National Soccer Team

So the mighty soccer juggernaut Trinidad and Tobago just prevented the United States Men's Soccer team from qualifying for the World Cup, but fear not. Even the best country in the history of soccer has failed...but in the actual World Cup, and they are thought of as possibility one of the best teams ever. 

Play beautiful and lose, or play ugly and win. That was the dilemma facing the the 1982 Men's Brazil National Soccer team in the World Cup. They played a fan friendly, entertaining game, but Italy done gone went pragmatic, knocking them out of the tournament in the second group stage. Rodrigo goes on ten minute diatribe on how cable TV contracts changed soccer (while Brian takes a nap) and Brian learns about Kaká. Come find out if Rodrigo and Brian can rectify this upset of historic proportions. Episode 4 is going to be real Kaká!



Episode 3: 1982 Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers may have just missed out on the wildcard this year, but it doesn't mean Milwaukee is going without playoff baseball...

The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals in a tense seven game series dubbed, "The Suds Series". Rodrigo and Brian examine their home town 1982 Brewers and their post season exploits to determine if this was travesty of sports history, or if they are just sore losers. Hall of fame players, statistical anomalies, pornstaches that were not ironic, mutton chops, and pitchers throwing up on the mound...all this and more in Episode 3! (NSFW...or people that drink Budweiser)

Episode 2: ...And Justice for All

Metallica lost the 1989 Grammy for Hard Rock/Metal Performance to...Jethro Tull? Brian and Rod discuss this travesty of musical history and determine if the result should have been different. Brian expresses his fondness for ripped up jeans and tight shirts, and Rodrigo shows his disdain for all things Rush. For all this and more listen to Episode 2! P.S. Apologies for the audio quality on this might have to turn your speakers up to 11, and then maybe back down to 10 after the first 15 minutes or so.

...And Justice For All
Blackened Recordings

Episode 1: The Jazz Singer

The first episode! Did you know The Jazz Singer was not nominated for a Best Picture Oscar? Brian and Rodrigo discuss if this was a crime against history. Brian reveals a deep, dark secret and 'splains how a Broadway show works. Rodrigo reveals his love for singers who "feel" it. Listen to find out all this and more! (NSFW...or children)

The Jazz Singer (1927)
Starring Al Jolson, May McAvoy, Eugenie Besserer, Warner Oland, Otto Lederer

Episode 0: A New Podcast

A long time ago in a podcast far, far away....

Brian and Rodrigo had no idea what they were doing! They recorded five episodes and mini episode before having a website, and thanks to magic of the internets they now have a website. In keeping with the theme of the show here is the Alternative History to the first five episodes...and a mini episode. And if you made it this far, Rodrigo and Brian want to say thank you, and listen at you own risk...Enjoy!