Alternative History


Alternative History is a podcast hosted by Brian and Rodrigo. They take one topic per episode and decide if it merits a different result or perception, an Alternative History.

Episode 10: Thanksgiving Turkey

Every year tens of millions of turkeys make the ultimate sacrifice so you can get 7% off 600 thread count, gunmetal gray bed sheets you've been eying for a while because they are the only ones that match those duvet covers you bought last Thanksgiving, and so you can eat turkey on the fourth Thursday of November. Well, it didn't used to be that way, it didn't used to be that way at all. Starting in the 1830's, the remarkable Sarah Josepha Hale, dubbed "The Godmother of Thanksgiving" helped to normalize the turkey as the centerpiece on Thanksgiving, followed by stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie  and we've been in a state of turkey gustation ever since. But, do you need to eat turkey on Thanksgiving for it to be Thanksgiving? Rodrigo explains why you don't want to be chased by a wild turkey (spoiler alert! They are fast, and don't give a f#%k!) and Brian laments that we don't eat delicious, cucumber sauce drenched gyros for Thanksgiving. Get your carving knives sharpened and join us for this turkey of an episode!