Alternative History


Alternative History is a podcast hosted by Brian and Rodrigo. They take one topic per episode and decide if it merits a different result or perception, an Alternative History.

Episode 15: The Simpsons

So it's come to this: a Simpsons podcast episode. The Simpsons debuted as a full series on Fox on December 17, 1989, and 29 seasons, 629 episodes, and 1 movie have lead up to this: a couple of podcasting chuckle heads discussing the Simpsons flashback episodes. With the episode The Way We Was The Simpsons established a time line for the family history, starting with Marge and Homer meeting and falling in love in 1974, but much like Brian's kids have done to his dignity, they shat all over that established chronology with the episode That 90's Show.  Whether you feel this change was as painful as losing your dental plan, or just plain excellent, this perfectly cromulent episode will embiggen the smallest listener! Come join us for the final.episode.ever...of the first season!